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Our 2022 Christmas Party at Chick-fil-A Fredericksburg

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Chick-fil-A Christmas party at Riverside Dinner Theater

At Chick-fil-A Fredericksburg, we look forward to our annual Christmas party. This year we went to the Riverside Dinner Theater for our annual Christmas celebration. We kicked off the evening with an awards ceremony for our employees who won our Core Value awards and honored our employees who were celebrating their 2 years and 5 years anniversaries with us. Then we watched the Riverside Christmas show to close out the evening.

Our Core Values awards winners this year were:

  • Blanca Argueta – Customers First

  • Emilia Menjivar – Growth Oriented

  • Handerson Juarez Franco – Respect

  • Elizabeth Silcott – Takes Ownership

  • Fasil Cogan – Works with Excellence

Our team members who were celebrating their 2 years anniversaries were:

  • Paloma Gonzales Alcantara

  • Bethlehem Cogan

  • Alba Granados

  • Trenton James

  • Deana Monteleon

  • Hannah Reents

  • Gabriela Rincon

  • Gavin White

  • Marina Zetino

  • Destani Butler

  • Madison Fadely

  • Gabrielle Keller

  • Anna Grace Thompson

  • Daniel Tulloss

  • Tade Wangberg

Our team members who were celebrating their 5 years anniversaries were:

  • Rosa Cardoza Castaneda

  • Fasil Cogan

  • David Reents

  • Alex Anderson

  • Josefina Ruiz Arreola

A big thank you to all our team members for their hard work and dedication this year. We appreciate our team and wish them the very best in the year ahead!

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